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Build Your Business Credit Profile with a Business Credit Builder Software

To sustain and grow a business, you need access to loans and other forms of funding. Building business credit can make this easy. Plus, it helps you get loans at low-interest rates even when you have bad credit in your personal account.

The Business Credit Builder Software – Business Credit Machine – can help you build credit for yourself or your clients as a business credit builder specialist without a personal guarantee or check. The software allows you to work on business credit from the comfort of your home with its tools and databases that will guide you through each process.

Here’s how the business credit builder software can help you build business credit.
Set-Up Business Right

  Set-Up Business Right

Setting up a business with the right structure is vital to establishing credit and encouraging lenders to approve your loans.

The business credit builder software has a database of essential things to do to set up a business. The tool will walk you through where to register a business, get necessary licenses, get EIN, obtain a website, business email, business phone number, etc. The software also includes a guide on where to get Dunn & Bradstreet Number, Experian Business Number, and Equifax Business Number, which are important in building business credit scores for you or your clients if you are a business credit builder specialist.

Establish Different Types of Credit



Vendors look into different factors when evaluating business creditworthiness. This includes having mixed credit, demonstrating the company’s financial stability and capability to handle different types of loans.

Establish Credit
Monitor Business Credit Health

Ensure you are building a good business credit score


Building a business credit profile is about establishing a credit history and maintaining a good business credit score.

The Business Credit Builder Software – Business Credit Machine – lets you easily pull and monitor business credit reports in just a few clicks. Moreover, it detects delinquencies automatically for easier and faster evaluation of credit reports. It helps ensure that your business credit reports are complete and accurate. If you find data that you believe is wrong, it is critical to report it to credit bureaus to be corrected.

Types of Credit that the Business Credit Builder Software can help You Get Access

trade credit

Trade Credit

Trade Credit, also known as vendor credit or Net Terms are short-term financing that is usually payable within 30 to 60 days. Hence called Net terms such as Net-30, Net-60, Net-45, etc. These types of credit allow a company to get services or supplies without an upfront cost.

Trade credits are the fastest way to build business credit and help to lengthen credit history, which is an important factor in evaluating credit scores.

revolving credit

Revolving Credit

These credits allow a company to borrow money with a set credit limit and repay it over time. The borrower can decide whether to use all the available credit at once or staggered. The borrower can also decide when to repay and whether to repay it monthly or at once.

The best examples of revolving credits are business credit cards.

fleet credit

Fleet Credit

Fleet Credit, also known as fleet cards. These are credit that allows a company to manage the fuel expenses of all its vehicles in one place. Major oil companies usually provide this type of credit.
service credit

Service Credit

Instead of paying in cash for the services, you can use services to build a credit history for your business. This is useful to get the services you need without paying upfront costs and helps build a strong business credit history.

The business credit builder gives you access to cleaning and office supplies providers like Quill, equipment and tools rentals like Sunbelt, and Digital Marketing Team like Creative Analytics, to name a few.

More benefits of using the Business Credit Builder Software – Business Credit Machine


CRM integration

CRM, Business Credit Builder, and Marketing Software in One

Business Credit Machine has a built-in CRM system that allows you to manage your clients, affiliates, and leads in one system. In addition, it has tools that you can’t find in other credit builder software, such as Virtual Funnels, Autoresponders, Business Lead Finders, and SMS capabilities. These are helpful tools to step up your marketing strategies and get more clients ahead of your competitors.

Wide Range of Business Capabilities

The software makes the business process super easy. It has an integrated invoicing system, the ability to accept payments, a task manager, a calendar, emailing system, interaction with social media, client and affiliate portals for easy management, and so much more.

wide range of business capabilities
Great accessibility

Great accessibility

The Business Credit Builder Software – Business Credit Machine – is cloud-based, allowing you to access it anywhere around the globe. It is also accessible on all types of devices. Moreover, it comes with a FREE mobile app to conveniently access your business portals on your mobile phone, including your client and affiliate portals.

Inexpensive & Easy to Use

This Business Credit Builder Software is user-friendly and convenient to use. The tool is straightforward and equipped with tooltips to remind you about the function of each button in case you forget.

Inexpensive and Easy to use (1)

The Business Credit Builder Software – Business Credit Machine is a powerful tool to build business credit for your company or your clients’ companies as a business credit builder specialist.

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Now that you understand how to build business credit with the Business Credit Builder Software – Business Credit Machine, learn more about how to build strong business credit history by reading the tips below.